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Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel III. Spring Song

The final chapter in the Heaven’s feel trilogy. Angra Mainyu has successfully possessed his vessel Sakura Matou . It’s up to Rin, Shiro, and Rider to cleanse the grail or it will be the end of the world and magecraft as we all know it.


Following her return home, Sakura Matou completely fuses with the shadow after killing her brother, Shinji, for his attempted rape on her. Shirou Emiya rushes to Sakura’s home, only to find Shinji’s corpse and Zouken Matou, who taunts him for his role in corrupting Sakura. Shirou is saved from Zouken’s bug familiars by Rider, who reveals Sakura’s last Command Spell was an order to protect and aid Shirou. The now-corrupted Sakura returns with a still-tainted Saber and successfully kidnaps Illyasviel von Einzbern to use as a vessel for the Holy Grail, like her mother before her was. Desperate to help his adoptive sister, Shirou reluctantly asks Kirei Kotomine for his assistance.

Raiding the Einzbern castle, Kirei engages Zouken and his Servant Assassin so Shirou can escape with Illya, but Sakura releases Berserker – now corrupted by the shadow as Saber was – to chase them. With no alternatives, Shirou undoes the holy shroud sealing Archer’s transplanted left arm despite knowing it eventually kill him, awakening Archer’s magic and replicating Berserker’s weapon in order to defeat him. Regaining his senses, Berserker tells Shirou to protect Illya in his place before fading away. Meanwhile, Kirei fends off Assassin long enough to purify Zouken and destroy his body; during the fight, he recalls how he can only feel happiness when others suffer, seeking the Grail in hopes of learning why one as twisted as himself exists. Kirei then crosses Sakura and, pushing her too far with his taunts, she destroys the artificial heart that kept him alive after the last Holy Grail War. Though mortally wounded, Kirei is spared death when Sakura unwittingly absorbs Berserker’s spirit upon his defeat, retreating due to immense pain. To know more click on watch download buttons above and watch Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel III. Spring Song full movie.


Duration: 120 min


IMDb: 9.1

Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel III. Spring Song
Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel III. Spring Song